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Art Studio

Creativity is how we express what we are feeling inside. This is best explored through forms of art expression. At Titch's Attic we provide a wide variety of art and craft experiences, whilst giving everyone the chance to add their own twist on the project.

1 Session (60 min) - 80AED

5 Sessions* - 360AED

10 Sessions* - 720AED

*Cards must be used within 3 months and can NOT be transferred


Sketching & Charcoal

Learn the basics of drawing and sketching using both graphite and charcoal. Expand your skills and learn how to form lines, shading and blending to create a beautiful piece for your wall or just practice to improve your skills. Classes for all ages & levels. 


Water Colour

Water colour painting can be used in a variety of ways to create both lifelike and abstract pictures. Learn blending techniques, use of colours and learn how to create different shades and tones using this amazing medium. Classes for all ages & levels. 



Acrylic painting is a water-based product and is one of the most commonly seen types of painting, where you can use sponges, brushes and pallet knives to make a masterpiece. Learn how to blend colours, use fine and wide brush strokes, and apply paint in a controlled form or an abstract creation. Classes for all ages & levels. 

Screenshot 2022-10-20 152535_edited.jpg


A favourite of the masters, oil painting is a skill that includes both textured and smooth finishings and blending of colours with pallet knives and brushes. Oil paint has an oil base and can take a week or more to dry completely. Classes for all ages & levels. 


Oil Pastels

Oil pastels can be blended to create a dreamy picture in a simple way. They are oil-based and can be smudged, so are better displayed in a frame on your wall. Learn the basics of this art form, suitable for all ages and levels.

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