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One Week AED 460 (4 Days)

Two Weeks AED 820 (8 Days)

10% off Second Child

Summer & Winter Camp

Our camps run during the Summer and Winter school holidays and are designed to stretch the imagination and learning of children aged 4-12. Each day is a different theme and includes 2 art activities, PE games, and allows time for socializing and playing interesting brain developing games. Location is in our studio, our splat room and the dance studio in the mall. Children can attend one or two weeks, and discounts are offered for additional siblings for the second child. We recommend booking early as places go fast.

Check our home page, app, Facebook or Instagram for updates and timings before each holiday.



Each day your child will do one or two art activities including painting, clay molding, craft, etc. They are based on the theme of the day. We expect creativity and allow the children to create and make the items by themselves.

Themed Activities


Activities are based on the theme of the day, and we try to include educational activities as much as possible suitable for the age group. We do at least two large, interactive activities per week.



Each week we plan at least one or two science activities. The children discuss what, why and how in each experiment. Some are done by the children, and some we only demonstrate.



Crafting is defined as an art project created using various materials. We include at least two crafts during the week based on the theme of the day. We encourage the children to make each project by themselves, with as little guidance as possible.



Daily movement sessions are done in the dance studio or outside in the park depending on weather. We encourage all the children to join in exercises, dances, and sports games to the best of their abilities. 

Camp Shirts


Each child will design two of their own shirts in Summer camp, and a jacket in Winter camp. They do this on their first day, to wear during camp times. This enables us to recognize the children if they are in the park, and also gives them a sense of belonging in the group. 



An important part of growing up is learning how to make new friends, how to communicate with others, and how to get along with other age groups. Camp gives them the opportunity to meet new friends from their neighborhood. 

Face Paint


We do facepainting at the end of each week. The child decides which design and colour they would like.

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