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Express Yourself

Our Express Yourself room is where all the messy and exciting art happens. Explore your creative side with a class or just have a fun time with friends in our splatter paint area. 

Clay Work


Take a class to learn the basics of using the pottery wheel. Make a pot or plate to display proudly on your table. 

Paint Pouring


Paint pouring is an abstract art form that involves adding paint to a cup and pouring onto the canvas directly or through a number of different items. 



Make an abstract art creation using centrifugal force to create spirals, circles and splatters in your choice of colours. Ask for ideas of designs. 

Splat Painting


Try finding your inner artist and see what you can create using splatter techniques and bold brush strokes. To add to the fun, you can use paint guns

 to get an amazing look.



Make a geometric picture using the force of gravity to create lines and swirls onto your chosen canvas. 

Tie Dye


Tie Dye a t-shirt or a pair of socks to be the envy of your friends and family. Bring your own item of clothing if you prefer. Many different colours to choose from

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