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Five And Under

Art is all about expression and discovering the wonders of colours and textures. Our classes for the young ones help to give them the start of skills that will be used and developed as they learn more about the world of art. Playing with playdough, colouring, use of kinetic sand, and many kinds of hand exercises used in play, help the finger and arm muscles to develop, and thus support future use in writing and drawing.

Acting & Drama Classes
Big Toes Little Toes

Our adult and child play date allows your child to learn and play whilst being close to a loved one. The Early Years (0-3) is a vital time for growth and development of motor skills, social and emotional skills and cognitive growth. This is mostly discovered through messy play, fun games and singing and dancing. We make the mess you don't want to make at home to give your child the best foundation before heading off to nursery or school. The session is 60 minutes long.

Singing & Dance
First Steps

Is your child interested in art, painting and drawing? We will teach them the basics of drawing, using paints and brushes, clay molding, pencil/brush control, and help to expand their creativity and imagination. For ages 3-5 years. The session is 30 minutes of art and 30 minutes of exploration play.

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