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Clay Work

Using clay is a satisfactory way to produce something special for your home. Create a pot, a dish, or a sculpture using tools, fingers and sponges in a wheel session, or a molding session. As the use of clay is a learning process, we recommend doing at least one 'Exploring clay' session before doing a pottery wheel session.

Air-dry clay projects need at least a week to dry and can be painted after this time.

Fired items need to glazed after two weeks and then collected once the second firing is complete.

We hold completed items for one month only due to space, so ensure to collect your item within that time.

Create with Clay
Little Potters

A fun, messy 30-minute session for the younger child to learn how to use the pottery wheel safely whilst learning how to manipulate ceramic clay. All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Ages 4-7 Years

Exploring Clay

This session is 60 minutes long and is perfect for those new to clay work. Ages 8+.

You will be able to feel and explore how clay works, learn the basics of the pottery wheel and practice skills on your own. We recommend doing at least one session before trying the pottery wheel sessions. There is an extra charge if you want to fire and glaze an item made in this session.

Pottery Advanced

Book a 90 minute session 

Ages 12+

Places are limited to only 4 people in each session. We recommend that you complete at least one session of exploring clay before booking this session, unless you have previous experience of using the wheel.

Clay Molding

Clay molding can be used to make a pot, a dish, or a decorative item.

Ages 8+ 

Sessions last for 60 minutes and you will be able to use tools, stamps and sponges to create your masterpiece. 

Paint a Pot

Don't want to make your own pot?

We have a variety of

one-of-a-kind handmade pots, cups, plates, and other items available for glazing. Use your creativity and design skills to paint something special for your home. Once complete it will be fired in our kiln and ready for collection after about a week.

Suitable for all ages

Copy of Paint a pot_edited.jpg
AED 50+ Per Item
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