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Splat, Squirt and Throw

Messy art is still art! 

Splatter painting is a satisfactory way to make a unique painting in the style of Jason Pollock.

Sessions are for 45 minutes.

Sessions can be booked for 1-5 people at a time.

Bluetooth speaker is available to connect and play your own music.

Neon paint is available at an extra cost.

Paint guns are available at extra cost.

You can choose the surface you are painting on, or add an extra one as long as you keep within the timings of the session. 

Paintings can be varnished (shiny finish) at an extra cost, please note this adds one extra day for drying.

Session includes:

  • 15cmx20cm canvas (upgrades are available)

  • 6 120ml bottles of paint

  • Disposable shoe protectors, poncho & gloves plus goggles will be provided.


  1. What will I do there? - Basically fling, splat and drip paint at a blank canvas to make a masterpiece.

  2. Is there a minimum number to book? - No, you can come alone or in a group of up to 6 people. The more people in the group, the more discount given.  

  3. What should I wear? - Anything that is comfortable. We recommend wearing old clothes as you WILL get paint on them. Changing rooms are available.

  4. Can I take my painting home the same day? Yes, but it will be wet, it is recommended to leave it to dry completely and collect it after a day or two. Paintings will only be kept for one month, so do not forget to pick it up!

  5. Will I be able to shower after the session? We have a sink that you can wash your hands and face. Wipes will be provided for your shoes if needed, but keep in mind that you probably will have some paint on you somewhere!

  6. Will the paint wash out of my hair and clothes? We use non-toxic paint, and all paint will wash off your hair and skin. However, we cannot guarantee that it will remove completely from your clothes. 

Splat Away

A great way to have some fun and explore abstract painting. You can use the brushes, your hands and fingers, sponges, etc. You will have 6 120ml bottles of paint and you can add extra paint and paint guns if you would like, for a small extra cost. You can also choose either a canvas, a cushion cover, a tote bag, or a t-shirt to paint. For that extra bit of fun, ask for neon paint and you can paint in the dark!

Splat Paper

The splatting paper session allows you to make a mess across a large strip of paper. You will be given 6 different 120ml paint bottles of your choice, and extra refills and splat guns can be added upon request. Great fun for parties and group sessions, and the paper can be taken home the next day if you would like to keep the memento.

Max of 5 people

Different Surfaces
  • Canvas

  • Tote Bag

  • Cushion Cover

  • T-Shirt

  • Bring Your Own

  • 124+ AED

  • 140 AED

  • 130 AED

  • 180 AED

  • 100+ AED

Add Ons
  • Paint Refil

  • Paint Gun

  • Neon Paint

  • Varnish Top Coat

  • 5 Each AED

  • 5 Each AED

  • 10 AED

  • 10+ AED

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