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Titch's Attic

Fine Arts Training Centre

Bringing your
Ideas to LIFE


Titch's Attic is a fine arts training centre for adults and children, where you can express your true self through all art forms. An innovative idea where you can plan your own schedule or join a planned class. Every week is a different art technique or you can choose what you would like to learn. All you have to do is book using our app (see link button below): which activity, day, time and age group.

Titch's Attic is the result of 12 years of planning and is named after 'Titch' - a beloved family member.

Skill of the week

This Week: 5th-8th December

Open Theme

Next Week: 12th-16th November

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Our Classes
Art Studio
Five and Under
Express Yourself
Art Activities

"Really love this place! Teachers filled with creative and educational ideas! Highly recommended to try!"

"Such an amazing experience with genuinely friendly staff to help you get the best out of your visit. My kids and I are learning so much every time. Totally worth it"

Muriel Yrani

Amazing place for those who want to try and create art and don’t know where to begin! I am absolutely clueless but went ahead and created a piece I actually liked! Perfect place to get creative, try something new and learn new skills! Will go back for sure!

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