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Our workshops are a more relaxed and fun way to explore all kinds of art. No experience needed, all levels accepted. You can book one for yourself or for a group of up to 12 people. Some workshops (sketching and painting) are available for home service. Timings vary from 45-120 mins. Book now or ask for a quote today 


Painting workshops cover watercolour, acrylic painting, oil painting. We suggest that you come with an idea of the design you want to create.


This abstract art form covers paint pouring in its many forms, including tilting, dirty pours, flip cup, puddle pours, swiping, marbles, blowing, and so much more. 

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Create a beautiful candle in a glass jar using soy wax or clear gel. Many different scents and colours are available


Create unique jewellery using UV resin, beads, glitter, tiny decor. Many designs and colours available.

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This quick and fun art form always produces amazing results. Just pick your colours and start pouring. Suitable for all ages. Small canvases only

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This workshop will cover pencil and charcoal uses and we will help you to create a beautiful picture of your choosing. Come with a design or picture in mind and we will help you to recreate it.


Epoxy resin can be used to  make beautiful pieces of art for your home decoration by adding flowers, beads and glitter. Ask for more details and prices

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Choose from a variety of different cups, plates and bowls to paint in any design or colour of your choice. Items must be collected after 1 week.


Explore this fascinating art using acrylic opaque resin to make colourful pieces of home decor. Many options available, ask for details and pricing..

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