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Hands on pottery wheel forming a clay pot
Pink and blue candles
Art palettes with oil and acrylic paint spots
Art Boxes

What We Offer

Book a session to learn or expand your skills in all kinds of painting or drawing. Sessions can be in the studio or in your home

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A special box filled with all you need to create your own art work at home. Choose from a multitude of options.

Resin Work


Make a coaster, trinket tray or jewelry item using Epoxy, Acrylic or UV resin. Items may need to be picked up the next day.

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Wheel sessions can be 'Clay play' on your own, or a session with an instructor. Learn the skill of creating a pot or plate in this mesmerising art form

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Book a session alone or with friends for a fun creative workshop.Multiple options. Choose to do in the studio or at home


Hand building is a wonderful way to create a mug, plate or vase, or even a sculpture to impress your guests. Use rollers, steps and underglazing.


Candle Making

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Make a candle in a glass jar using soy wax or clear gel. Add your own scent, colour and decorations. 

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